Computers and Technology

Susan Brinn - Computer Lab

Kurt Nowicki - Introduction to Technology (IT)


Agriculture Science

Amy Rickman

Physical Education

Physical Education- Christina Carlson 

Physical Education- Daniel Carter


Fine Arts

Jane Langford-Art

Doug Parks- Chorus

Chris Warpool- Band


Gifted and Talented

Elizabeth Riggs 


Health, Social, and Consumer Issues

Julie Groves

Media Center

Sandra Bauer - Library Media Specialist


Special Education

Melanie McCreary - Math

Stephanie Haberman - ERC Grades 5/6

Lori Swearingen-SPED

Megan Mims- SPED CDC

Paige Homeier-Speech

John Schnetzer-SPED


  8th Grade Teachers

Clint Niehaus-Math

Regina Minnick- Science

Kerrey Stamps - Eng/Lang Arts

Shannon Mann-Science

Clifton Kelley-History 

William Lowe- History

Emily Hoffman-Math

Rachel Watts- Eng/Lang Arts

Shane McDonald-Eng/Lang Arts

7th Grade

Lisa Carter- Math

Jamie Pay- Math

Josh Colley- Math

Sharon Still-Eng/Lang Arts

Brian Wise - Social Studies

Sondra Hearn-Eng/Lang Arts

 Kristen Schillo- Science

Kathryn Bynum- Science

Jeanne Nowicki- Social Studies

6th Grade

Briana Knight - Math

Lynette Miller - Math

Bonnie Kuntz- Math/Science

Alison Bennett- Eng/Lang Arts

Jennifer Wilks - Eng/Lang Arts

Lauren Davis - Eng/Lang Arts/Social Studies

John Massey-Science and Social Studies

Andrea Meads-Science

Tammy Pearson-Social Studies


  5th Grade

Tammy Scheel- Eng/Lang Arts/Social Studies

Mark Brown- Eng/Lang Arts

Angie Frye- Math

Sharon Garner- Math

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Joanna Jarvis- Social Studies

Julie Harrison- Math, Science, 

Mission Statement

White House Middle School will strive to provide a positive and secure environment where students can LEARN academic skills and responsibility, ACHIEVE individual potential, EXCEL in meeting new challenges, SUCCEED in becoming persons of integrity and confidence within a changing world.

Vision Statement

The vision of the faculty and staff of White House Middle School is: to MAINTAIN excellence in instruction and learning, to INVEST in students by promoting a successful transition from elementary to high school, and to PURSUE the highest standards of education through continual evaluation and improvement of policies and methods. By doing so, we will make a positive difference in the lives of students by helping them build a bridge toward their own academic and personal success.