White House Middle School

WHMS Bands 2019-20

Mr. Chris Warpool, Director  

Parents of 5th Grade Students:

If you have any questions about our band program, please feel free to email me anytime @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !



Check This Out:  www.smartmusic.com


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White House Middle School Band
1. - Request Membership
2. - Wait for approval (which will be done rather quickly)
3. - Browse at your will!!!

Some FAQ's:

Do I have to buy an instrument? No you do not.  It is highly recommended that you rent a good quality instrument from a highly qualified instrument dealer.

I heard that it is expensive to be in band. Is this true?  Renting a clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flute or percussion practice kit is less than $30 per month.  The cost of a book varies on instrument selection. 

What if I am part of a sports team?  Can I still be in band?  Yes, you can!  Middle school years are for finding out what you want to do with your future in high school and beyond.

How can I sign up for band?  Either by completing the registration form sent home with every 5th grader that will be rising to the sixth grade band, or, if you are new to WHMS, tell the person registering you to the school that you are interested.

 For midstate scale requirements, go to www.mtsboa.org and click the link for "scale requirements." (at the top of the page)

 "Practice is for home, Rehearsal is for school.  Without practice, we cannot have rehearsal." 


Mission Statement

White House Middle School will strive to provide a positive and secure environment where students can LEARN academic skills and responsibility, ACHIEVE individual potential, EXCEL in meeting new challenges, SUCCEED in becoming persons of integrity and confidence within a changing world.

Vision Statement

The vision of the faculty and staff of White House Middle School is: to MAINTAIN excellence in instruction and learning, to INVEST in students by promoting a successful transition from elementary to high school, and to PURSUE the highest standards of education through continual evaluation and improvement of policies and methods. By doing so, we will make a positive difference in the lives of students by helping them build a bridge toward their own academic and personal success.