It is my aim to give each child the best vocal experience possible.  Besides our quarterly concerts, we take part in MTVA (Middle TN Vocal Assoc.) events.  I expect every student to give there best at each rehearsal.  I will do my best to make each rehearsal fun, but we must stay on task.  Time will be taken to teach music reading skills.  These skills are needed as students advance to High school and College programs. 

Next up:  Spring Concert   May 11


   Calendar of Events     (will update as dates are available)

Fund Raiser (Candy Bars)-----Sept. 7 until sold out!
Fall Concert---------------------Sept. 29, 7 pm at WHMS
Honors Choir Auditions-------will begin mid Sept.  Audition date is Nov. 5th.
8th Grade Mass Choir-----Nov. 1   Venue Long Hollow Baptist
                                 (Note: Change of date!)
Holiday Concert ---------------Dec. 13, 7 pm at WHMS
Group National Anthem-------Jan. 9th
6th Grade Mass Choir------Feb. 16th, 6:30 pm at Christ's Church
                                                                       Brentwood, TN
Winter Concert-------------Feb. 23, 7 pm at WHMS
Concert Festival------------Between Feb. 28 & March 2
Spring Concert-------------May 11, 7 pm at WHMS
Sing for Senior Citizens----TBA
What is Honors Choir?
Actually there are two Honors Choir both sponsored bt MTVA.  One is a 4th-6th Choir.  I will work with each child that is interested with the song "My Country Tis of Thee".  At some point, I will record them singing the song.  All participants recordings will be placed on a CD.  All participating schools will meet on Nov. 5th.  Five choir teachers will be selected to judge the recordings.  Typically there will be about 500 auditions, the top 130 scores will be selected to the choir.  The choir will meet on Jan. 24th to rehearse together and perform that evening.
The other Choir is a 7th & 8th grade choir.  They have the option to audition as a soprano, alto, tenor, or bass.  They may audition for multiple parts if they desire.  They will sing "My Country Tis of Thee" followed by singing their part of song with Latin lyrics.  A recording of all four parts on piano will be played in the background as the auditioner sings his/her part.  The CD is also judged on Nov.5th with rehearsal and performance on Jan. 24th.
2016-17 Honors Choir
Ellie Altstadt (alto)
Shannon Donnelly (6th grade)
Scott Johnson (tenor)
Holly Pietro (soprano & alto)
Hunter Searcy (tenor)
Michael Williams (bass)