Mrs. Wilks's Class Page

6th Grade ELA



 teenagers reading





English- parts of speech focusing on pronouns; then we will move to writing compound and complex sentences; we also jump into some commonly confused words

Reading- we will be focusing on fiction and the elements of fiction such as plot, setting, characters, theme, etc. The first units of the textbook will be used for this.

Writing- we will be focusing on writing informational and narrative paragraphs and essays




Mission Statement

White House Middle School will strive to provide a positive and secure environment where students can LEARN academic skills and responsibility, ACHIEVE individual potential, EXCEL in meeting new challenges, SUCCEED in becoming persons of integrity and confidence within a changing world.

Vision Statement

The vision of the faculty and staff of White House Middle School is: to MAINTAIN excellence in instruction and learning, to INVEST in students by promoting a successful transition from elementary to high school, and to PURSUE the highest standards of education through continual evaluation and improvement of policies and methods. By doing so, we will make a positive difference in the lives of students by helping them build a bridge toward their own academic and personal success.