1. Several #2 pencils
  2. WHITE WIDE ruled loose leaf notebook paper
  3. Glue sticks
  4. Scissors
  5. Yellow highlighters
  6. Colored pencils
  7. Colored markers
  8. Cap erasers
  9. Red or blue ink pens


Items brought to class daily for students to be successful in class.

It is suggested that students have a different colored binder/folder for each class. This will help make it easier for them to grab the correct binder/folder for each class.



     Science                                                                                   Social Studies

(Bynum and Meads)                                                                         (Pearson and Meads)

2 – plastic folders with 3 prongs                                                   1 – 1 inch Binder (Pearson)

1 – composition notebook                                                             1 – composition notebook (Meads)

1 ream of paper                                                                              2 – plastic folder (Meads)

1 – pack of sheet protectors (up to 10)                              1 – pack of sheet protectors (up to 10) (Meads)           

4- fine point Dry Erase Markers                                       4- fine point Dry Erase Markers (Meads)

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 packs of Post-It notes


Math                                                                         English

(Miller, Kuntz, and Heard)                                                (Bennett, Wilks and Williams)

1 – 1 inch Binder                                                                  1 – 1 inch Binder (Bennett)

**TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator                                      2 - dividers (Bennett)

1 - spiral notebook                                                                1 – 1 in. binder with dividers

5 -3 prong, 2 pocket                                                              Paper and Pencil (Wilks, Bennett, Williams)

dividers (5)                                                                           

1 pack of index cards

4-fine point Dry Erase Markers

1 pack of wedge Erasers

1 – composition notebook

1 – pack of sheet protectors (up to 10)

1 – pack of graph paper


***It is recommended you purchase the TI-30X IIS for math instruction. These calculators will be used in grades 5-8 for classroom instruction and assignments. The cost of the calculator is approximately $13.00 - $16.00 and can be purchased at any local store. ***

***It is recommended you purchase a planner/agenda for your student. These can be found at Dollar Tree or Dollar General for $1.00. This will allow your student to keep up with homework as assignments.***