5th Grade Supply List 2016-2017

Important- Please Do Not Bring Your Supplies to

Breeze-Through Registration

All Supplies Should Be Brought By Thursday- August 11th

General Supplies-

1 package copy paper

1 container Clorox or Lysol wipes

2 boxes of tissues

Boys-1 roll of paper towels

Girls last name A-M-1 box Quart Ziploc bags

Girls last name N-Z-1 box Gallon Ziploc bags



Spiral Notebook -Plastic Poly Cover,1 subject, 11x9in, prefer wide rule (VERY IMPORTANT to get correct notebook)

Composition Book

Supplies to be given to teacher and kept in classroom:

            3 packages Crayola skinny markers

            12 Elmer’s glue sticks

            4 EXPO markers


            1 pkg color copy paper (Boys-Primary, Girls-Neon)




2 pocket folder with holes

1 subject spiral notebook

Composition Book

1 inch binder with pockets



1 inch binder


Social Studies-

Plastic Poly Spiral Notebook

12 glue sticks


Students are responsible for bringing to every class, every day-

One five star type plastic poly folder with pockets and brads

Wide rule notebook paper

Pencils with erasers


Colored Pencils & Crayons

Suggestion: Pencil pouch to keep supplies organized (not a box)