School Supply List 2014-2015


ti-30x iis calculatorAll Students Need A TI 30X IIS Calculator

**The TI-30X IIS is the calculator that will be used in the classroom.

This Calculator will be used in grades 5-8. The cost of the calculator is $13.00.


There will be a supply fee collected at the Walk though of $30.00 to assist the school in purchasing the other items needed for the classrooms. Cash or Checks will be accepted.



5th Grade

  • General Supplies to be used in all classes:
  • 5 packages Loose Leaf Notebook paper                      
  • 1 dozen Pencils mechanical or #2 wooden
  • 1 box Crayons, Colored Pencils, or Markers
  • 1 large box Tissue
  • 1 bottle Hand Sanitizer
  • 1 container Cleaning wipes (ex: Clorox wipes)
  • The following supplies are needed for specific classes.  Please check your schedule to see which teachers you will have before buying these supplies.
  • Small Composition Book (not spiral bound) –Brinn, Scheel
  • **Calculator TI-30x IIs – All Math classes
  • 1 Folder with pockets and brads (any color)—Brinn, Jarvis, Haberman
  • 1 inch binder—Marshall, Brown
  • One subject spiral notebook—Mosley, Gaworecki


6th Grade




  • Several #2 pencils
  • WHITE WIDE ruled loose leaf notebook paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Yellow highlighter
  • Colored pencils or crayon
  • Cap eraser
  • Red or blue ink pen
  • Hole reinforcers
  • 2 boxes of Kleenex 
Items brought to class daily for students to be successful in class.
      Science                                                                                            Social Studies
(Bynum and Meads)                                                                 (Hay and Pearson)
1 – 1 inch Binder                                                                      1 – 1 inch Binder
dividers (2)                                                                               3 prongs, 2 pocket folder
1 – composition notebook (Meads)
Math                                                                                       English
(Miller, Kuntz, and Heard)                                                     (Bennett, Wilks and Hoffman)
1 – 1 inch Binder                                                                   1 – 1 inch Binder (Bennett)
**TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator                                           dividers (3 - Bennett)
1 - spiral notebook                                                                 4 – 3 prong folders (Hoffman)
5 -3 prong, 2 pocket                                                               1- pack of Crayola markers (Hoffman)
dividers (3)                                                                             1 – pack of post-it notes (Hoffman)
1 pack of index cards
4-fine point Dry Erase Markers
1 pack of wedge Erasers
1 – composition notebook
1 – pack of sheet protectors (up to 10)



7th Grade

  • Mechanical or wooden pencils
  • Several packs of white, wide ruled paper
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Calculator: Texas Instrument  (TI-30XIIS)
  • Earphones/Earbuds
  • Boys – Roll of paper towels
  • Girls – Box of Kleenex



1” Binder with Pockets
Red Pen
Pencil Pouch
1 Composition Notebook
Spiral Index Cards
Colored Pencils
1” Binder with Pockets
Ink Pen
Dry Erase Markers
English/Language Arts
1” Binder with Pockets
4 Divider Tabs
Ink Pen
Social Studies
1” Binder with Pockets
5 Divider Tabs
Ink Pen


8th Grade



Stamps (ELA)
1 ½ “ binder with pockets

Dividers with tabs (5 needed)
Yellow highlighters
Red and blue pens
Ferrell (ELA)
2” binder with pockets
Ink pens (blue or black)
Composition Notebook
Kidd (ELA)
” binder with pockets or folder with pockets/brads

Ink pens
(Social Studies)
½ ” binder

Dividers with tabs
Red pen
Nowicki (Social Studies)
1” Binder
Dividers with tabs
Pencil pouch
Colored Pencils
Niehaus (Math)
1 ½“ binder with pockets or a folder with pockets/brads

Graph paper
Calculator (TI 30 XII s)
1 ½“ binder with pockets or a folder with pockets/brads

Graph paper
Calculator (TI 30 XII s)
Expo Marker
1 ½ ” binder

Calculator (TI 30 XII s)
Graph Paper
Expo markers
Minnick  (Science)
1 ” binder

Composition Notebook
colored pencils
Pencil Pouch
2 packs of spiral notecards













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